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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stingrays in the Water 06.18.11

This morning was our team's first official swim meet of the season.  The meet was a nail biter!  The teams were within ten points of each other the whole time.  Then the relays came.  They have the most points attached to them.  Winning relays means winning the meet.  And even when our team started well, we would have a lagging leg and start to slip.  Even when we had strong swimmers, the relays were too close to call.  It came down to the timers.  Our opponents easily won a few; and so did we - but it probably wasn't going to be enough to come from behind, especially with some of the relay losses.

My oldest son came up to me, "Hey Mom. You know my relay?"
"Well, the other team DQ'd so we won it, even though we lost in the water."
"Yep," he said ... then asked for a dollar for a doughnut and disappeared.

The swimmers were nearing the end of the IMs when the announcement came.  "It's been a close meet all along. And first of all, I just want to congratulate all the swimmers.  Sequoia Farms 222; Opponent 221."

Cheers erupted throughout the team area and all around the pool, interrupted by the incredulous, "We won?!"  And I was no different.  Those close relays had us doubting whether or not we were contenders.  The one DQ may have made the difference, giving us the point we needed to pull it out.

We always tell the kids to swim their best, no matter where the other swimmers are in their lanes.  You never know if your fourth will turn into a third (or better!) due to someone else's bad form.  Isn't that always true?  You should stay the course, continuing to give your best, because you never know what other factors are pressing.
I encourage you today to press forward toward the finish line, never giving up - no matter who you think is ahead of you. 

1 comment:

  1. Well said! My son's 4th place became a 2nd because of the other two DQ'd. He didn't know until he received his ribbon and now wants to do even better.

    Loved your message.