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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little Bits of Thursday

Tonight - Chef Boyardee.  "Mom, this is so good!"
And I cook ... why?

Started running/walking this week.  Turns out I can run faster than I thought - and for a longer distance than I thought.  A friend pushed me a little outside my comfort zone, encouraging me the whole way.  What a wonderful friend!  Continued today and am now as proud of myself as she is of me.  And I cannot believe I'm not more sore.

The Colonel's on duty for a while - hence the Chef Boyardee for dinner.

The kids wrote lists on the driveway tonight of what they'd like to do over the summer:

  • Have sleepovers
  • Go to bed late
  • Get ice cream
  • Have a neighborhood cookout/movie presentation
  • Plant flowers
  • Start a blog
  • Have a Luau
  • Go fishing
  • Hike on the Walney Pond trail
  • Make Shrinky Dinks
  • Have drum lessons with Dad
  • Go to the batting cage
  • Play mini-golf

As I was tucking the Ginger Ninja into bed tonight, he said, "If we do all those things, it's gonna be a great summer!"  I love seeing summer through my children's eyes.  

I encourage you to start jotting down one thing your children do each day.  Don't complicate it with a system or needing a special book/journal. Just start.  We think we'll remember and we don't.  Do you know how great it will be to see that summer list above years from now?

I want to thank you for leaving me comments - they are a wonderful encouragement to me!!


  1. My kids favorite meal is frozen Butterball Turkey meatballs and Ragu sauce over spaghetti. You would think it was a chef they way they act!

    We made a summer fun jar and everyone wrote things down on slips of paper that they want to do this summer. I am excited to see what we do and where we go!! I love the easy-going nature of summer. I am love schedules and lists but i do love spontaneity too!!

  2. Hi Stephanie!

    I just discovered your blog by looking at my blog stats. Hello!

    We had a last minute ball game tonight and I gave my kids rice type cakes with peanut butter and eventually a hotdog! But I did manage to avoid fast food.

    I see your kids' list includes starting a blog. My daughter did that this year...www.heather-missbliss.blogspot.com Maybe you've seen it. She blogs under my profile. ; )

    (your MOPS pal who considered giving you a hug, but instead will high five!!)