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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Extra Fun Was Extraordinary!

I grew up in the Maryland suburbs - just outside DC.  Despite what you might now about suburbia, I am, by definition, a city girl.  The sturdiest shoes I owned in college were keds.  I had visited friends in Washington State near Mt. Hood who wanted to take me hiking.  I donned my keds and was promptly pushed aside while my closet was ransacked in search of more appropriate footwear.  When none was found, the "tourist" route was implemented.

When I trek more than five miles away from my homebase, I need a GPS and a credit card, which both came in handy when invited for that extra fun I mentioned earlier.  Our family joined three other families at Lake Anna in Central Virginia.  The setting is idyllic.  It's a peaceful gem in our Lover's State.  Lake Anna may be a public access lake, but it's definitely a less discovered destination spot.  I think what I like most about it, is that we were there in 90 minutes.  It wasn't a three or four (plus) hour trip to the beach or the mountains.  It was a lovely, scenic drive through the Virginia countryside.

We jumped off the dock into the lake, which I've never done!  The water temperature was perfect.  There was a floating dock about twelve feet away from the shore the kids would climb onto and make sink.  They would pretend they were on the Titanic, "we're going down - save yourselves!!"  It was hilarious.  I sat in my new favorite beach chair on the dock, enjoying the sun, watching them swim and laugh and dive and push each other in.  The kids ranged in aged from four to fourteen - and they played together beautifully.  They wanted all the grown ups to get on the floating raft to sink it further, somehow thinking we were bigger and heavier than they were. Hmmmmmm :)

Our friends have a power boat for cruising and tubing and a jet ski.  The Colonel and I used to have SeaDoos when we lived in Florida's panhandle, BC (before children).  We raced up and down our cove of the lake, spilling children off tubes, jumping waves with the jet ski, giggling the whole time.  Our wet hair was blown dry while we raced.  We got too much sun on our cheeks and our shoulders.  We ate hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch and dinner.  We played too hard, rested just enough, and took lots of pictures.  The time away was much needed; a rejuvenation for me - a welcome distraction for the kids.

We are eternally grateful for the invitation for some extra fun.  This city girl may be swayed to trade in her keds for something more outdoorsy-friendly.  Time will tell ... and so will another trip to Lake Anna!

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  1. What a fun day Stephanie! Good for you for hitting that adventure.