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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sleeping in on Sunday

It feels weird to sleep in on Sundays.  It feels like I'm cheating.  Saturday evening worship is new to our family.  We've long attended weekly church services on Sunday morning.  This year brought the beginning of Youth Group activities for our oldest child.  

Our church holds the youth service on Sunday evenings and they take over all the rooms where the elementary kids usually meet. This means, our younger children cannot have their lesson at the same time our older child has his lesson.  Saturday evening has been our answer.  Our oldest attends the regular church service with us on Saturday night while the younger two head off to their worship service/lesson.  This allows our oldest to break up his time at church - and alleviates Mom & Dad from the back and forth shuffle on Sundays.

This new worship time has been a great blessing to our family that we wouldn't have made a priority if it weren't for the Youth Group meeting time.  This season, our children are involved in sports that take place most of the day on Sundays - none of which are at the same locations or close by.  Each location is an hour away.  None of the game times overlap, so we really do spend the entire day driving or at these events.  But, with the advent of Saturday Evening Worship, we aren't missing time to worship with a body of believers!

As a result, the time we're spending 
 on Saturday at church gives us time 
 on Sunday to reflect 
on the message we've heard.  
It's time we didn't have before to unpack the sermon.  It's one of those happy accidents that's been a huge blessing to our family on many levels.
Do you need to shake up your worship routine for your family?  Has it become routine?  Encountering Christ should be a regular part of your life, but should never feel routine.  

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