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Monday, September 24, 2012

Praying for One More

Recently I posted about praying for and with the kids each morning before they head out to school.  We pray for someone else each time we circle up, too.  We pray for Tamimy.  Tamimy is our adopted child through Compassion International.  Tamimy joined our family about two years ago and we've been praying for him, writing to him, and supporting him financially ever since.

How do I remember to pray for him?  Whenever I pray for my own children, about anything, I pray for Tamimy.  I don't have to know exactly what's going on with him and his life to offer him up to God.  God already knows!  I pray for his safety, his family, his schooling, his health, his spiritual walk.  I pray that he and his family have enough to eat; that he has time to play; that he has friends.  I pray that his teachers are kind and he likes school.  I pray all sorts of things for this little boy.

I admit, I wasn't faithful about writing to him like I should.  And if you know me, you know I'm worse at using the postal service than I am about returning phone calls - and I'm terrible at returning phone calls!! One day I was visiting the Compassion website to learn more when I found out that sponsored children have a chance to write to their sponsor every Saturday.  If they hadn't received a letter - they were "left out."  I was crushed with guilt.

I could only imagine my little guy saddened that other children were receiving and reading great blessings from their sponsor family while he sat by idly.  Crushed, I tell you!  Then I saw it ... I the link to send a letter ONLINE.  Now, that's something I could get onboard with!  I bookmarked the page, set up an online account, and put a reminder on my Google calendar.  Now, every Wednesday, I type up a letter to Tamimy.  The online feature even lets me upload a picture, if I want.  My children will often wander by while I'm writing to him and ask to send him a letter.  Now, he's getting lots of mail from us - along with our daily prayers.

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