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Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to School - Finding Balance

You know that Staples commercial where the parent is shopping for school supplies while the Christmas tune plays merrily in the background, "It's the most wonderful time of the year ...."?  Well, that's not me this year.

This is probably the very first year I was not ready to send my children back to school.  We were busy all summer long with sports and camps that we never did really get a vacation together.  We were up early with a schedule all but the last two weeks of summer.  Did my kids squabble?  Yes.  Did they complain of boredom?  Yes.  Did they miss friends and routine?  Yes.  But we had such a great time together all summer long, none of us wanted to return to the "grind."

We longed for routine, friendships, the more fun parts of the school year, but not the homework, backpacks, locker combinations, and lunch packing.  We had enjoyed practices and games that were the main focus of the day instead of squeezed into the week.

This school year, my prayer for our family is to find balance.  We need the routine of the school year coupled with the downtime of summer.  When we work, we will focus and commit.  When we play, we will really play.  You cannot play with a smartphone in your hand, checking email.  Our adventures do not need to be instantly uploaded via Instagram.

What does "balance" mean to you and your family?

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