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Monday, June 10, 2013

Responsibility Equals Restoration

Successfully winding up difficult conversations restores relationships.  Restoration is a gift refilling each party with renewal.  Accomplishing Restoration means seasoning your words with salt and love rather than blame and indignation.  However, it does call for positive involvement from all involved.   

Restoration requires you to accept responsibility for your own actions or inactions in any given situation.  It means knowing you were a jerk and not excusing your behavior away.  It means accepting you could've done things better or differently and taking the proper steps towards correction.  It also means letting others make necessary amends without making it more unseemly for them to do so.  It means hearing someone out or saying, “thank you” to an apology. 

If you’re blaming someone else for any given situation, restoration cannot happen.  Finding a scapegoat or reasoning away failure frustrates Restoration.  Your response, not reaction, leads towards healthy growing relationships.  In short:
Responsibility = Restoration; Blame = Frustration.  

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