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Monday, April 1, 2013

From Atrophy to Awesome - Who's With Me?

I just shared on FB how I hadn't exercised since Halloween.  We went on a cruise at the beginning of November - where I didn't gain any weight (yeah me!), but I also didn't exercise.  Unless you call weaving through walkers "exercise."  That's another story.  Upon our return, my mom's health failed and I spent the remainder of the year caring for her.  Everything else was put aside.  Life and death happened in between and now, three months later, I think I might be ready to try again.  Why now?

My body hurts 

when I'm not doing anything.  
My body hurts pretty much all the time.  Inactivity has done me in.  My lower back aches sitting, standing, walking, and everything in between.  I've lost all range of motion.  To say I'm not flexible is probably an understatement.  Everything is tight.  It's just not good.  And I'm tired of telling my husband how much my back hurts or my neck hurts ... waa, waa, waa!

Upon recommendations of my FB friends, I simply need to start.  One friend suggested to do the beginning of any workout and add a few minutes each week.  Another suggested the couch to 5k program (which sounds great, but I avoid running unless being chased by someone with a weapon - no weapon, I'll take my chances).  Some have suggested restorative yoga - I think I need to look into that - I've not enjoyed yoga in the past.  Swimming is a winner with no "impact" and a great way to stretch out my muscles.  Long and lean, is what I envision.

I don't want a reason not to exercise, 

so I think I'll wait on swimming so I don't use it as an excuse.  Walking is good.  I've started walking with friends a couple times a week - and my legs are so sore for days afterward.
Today, I have started.  I took the "beginning of a workout" idea and found a couple of EIGHT minute routines.  That way, I can finish - I need to finish.  I found an eight minute stretch from head to toe and realized how little I can really move.  I finished another eight minute workout for the legs.  I did most of it.  On top of my sixteen minute routine, so far, I added some ridiculously silly "Jamaican Me Move" aerobics for eight minutes.  Hilariously funny fashions from the eighties. 

Another FB friend suggested an "accountability partner."  Oh!  And to be active for 30 minutes every single day.  YIKES!  This is it.  I'm going to try to share my workout successes and failures with you along the way.  I'd love to tell you I'll post every day, but let's be real ... that probably won't happen :)  Come with me and tell me what you're doing.  You can inspire me while I encourage you.  

1 comment:

  1. You go girl. I just started to exercise again after about two months of nothingness. Keeping going is the hard part. I am the queen of being all-in or all-out with eating and exercise. Moderation is the key. Or so they tell me. :-) Have you found myfitnesspal.com? A great way to track your food and exercise and you can friend people to help you stay accountable. Check it out! And feel free to friend me too. I could use some accountability! Happy walking!