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Monday, March 15, 2010

It All Works Out

"I feel guilty I'm not doing the driving," my neighbor said when I called her, yet again, to say my husband would take her son to/from basketball practice.
"Don't worry about it. There will come a time, when I absolutely can't do anything and you'll be able to pitch in."
"Awwwl-right," she said. Not sounding too convincing.

This is how the first half of the basketball season went. Our carpool changed into me calling her Tuesday afternoon saying that my husband was home earlier enough to take the kids to practice. He was assistant coaching, so he was going and staying ... every week. It was a no-brainer to take both boys (neighbors) with him. Still, she felt heavy about it.

Then .... my surgery came. And not only couldn't I drive, but my husband needed to stay home with me to take care of me. And as I healed and could get around, I couldn't watch the kids play outside - so she did. Suddenly, she was doing all the doing; and I was doing all the laying around. Rightly so, but still.

The other day we were sitting outside together watching the kids enjoy the springlike weather. I asked her, "So, do you still feel guilty about my hubby driving the first part of the season?"
She laughed out loud, "No! We were just talking about it last night and how it seemed to all work out."

And isn't it funny how that happens? We live in community. In relationship to one another. I buy coffee, you get dessert. I take the kids to the movies. You take the kids rock-climbing. I drive one week. You drive the next three. I babysit. You have a sleep-over. I pray for you. You pray for me. It all works out.

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