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Monday, March 11, 2013

Roll from the Center

As I attempted my first pie for my own family, the dough wasn't stretching out the way I remembered.  My mind’s voice echoed up gently, “Roll from the center.”  It was my Mom’s voice and I was transported to the kitchen of my youth standing at the butcher block counter.  “Roll from the center, turn the dough, and keep rolling so it’s even.  Keep some flour on the pin so it doesn't stick.”  I formed the dough into a ball, re-rolled the crust, and voila – perfection!

My mom’s words come back to me over and over again with my own children whether it’s instruction or guidance.  Pouring truths into them now will yield great results for years to come.  “No toys at the table.” “Yes, ma’am.” “No, sir.” “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”  “God is in this, too.”  I envision one day, my kids sitting at the table with their kids saying, “No toys at the table,” then having the same debate they had with me over what is considered a toy.
What was poured into you shapes you.  I was always listening – and so are my children.  I pray my words will come back to my children as they grow, whether in relationships, at work, or in the kitchen with a pie crust. 
What will you pour into your children?  What will the melody of your voice float up from their memory to say?  Will it be a word of encouragement, warning, instruction?  Whatever it might be, it should be truthful – so they might rely upon it and pass it on.  I can think of no better tribute than for your words to be handed down for generations.

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