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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It's time to buckle down and get purposeful about what's going on around here. You know, when you've made one too many trips to the school to deliver overlooked items to your child. When the admin staff knows how you look without makeup.  When your car becomes a storage locker.  It's time.

Each child sat with me yesterday to carve out their own schedule of what they need and what day they need it.  While I'm helping to remind them, it's their job to check their calendar in the morning.  My reminder today was, "Check your calendar."  And Day One was a success.  Water bottles were packed for afterschool sports, musical instruments left with the kids, library books were remembered, field trip forms were packed.  We even had time for a yummy, warm breakfast (waffles with Nutella/Jif and apples/bananas).

I have to wonder, though, if the success for the morning should be attributed to something I did even before the calendar reminder.  I let the dog out, stepped out into the crisp morning with my hot coffee, looked up at the wakening sky and lifted praise to my God.  "Thank you for this day, Lord.  Bless my husband and my children. Bless me and direct my footsteps.  Let my words be yours today.  Filter my thoughts and actions.  And let all I do be in glory to You."  Then the dog yipped at my feet and we went back in.  Purposeful.  Perhaps praying this morning was the most purposeful thing I accomplished.

I encourage you today to be purposeful in your every moment.  Really be where you are, in mind and spirit.


  1. and the end of every chaotic morning and exhausted day, I tell myself that I need to do just what you have. And, although I have done parts, the piece that I always seem to miss is getting up early enough to set my mind in the right path and prime it for a successful day. I will, yet again, take another learning from you and God. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I do start my day similar to yours - with coffee, prayer and a devotion that is sent via email each morning. I do not always have those glorious mornings that you spoke of today, so congrats to you and the kiddos!! Thank you, God!