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Thursday, April 22, 2010

God's Whisper

I'm so thankful for the women who surround me with faithfulness and friendship. The other day, another mom called me to swap volunteer days at the school. No problem, except that I wasn't scheduled for another six weeks. Yet, she was looking at a schedule that had me listed for a day she wanted to swap. I told her I'd take her day and sort out the rest. I was just getting ready to fire off an email to the gal who coordinates it, when I realized it would be MUCH easier to explain it on the phone than write it out. Besides, I hadn't spoke with her in a while. So, I call.

"I've been meaning to call you, I really need a pick me up," she said.
"Huh? What are you talking about?"
"You always lift me up and encourage me and make me feel better."
"Awwww. Well, I'm glad I can do that for you."

We proceeded to make a date for coffee. My day went on .... laundry, shopping, bus stop ... then it dawned on me - that "glitch" in the volunteer schedule was God's whisper, "Stephanie, call her." And I'm so glad I did.

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